Day: I took advantage of the sun


There’s a reason I’ve been a little quiet on here. No no, nothings wrong. I’m just experiencing a bit of… lazy b*tch syndrome.

I worked this morning, but then while Mr Snacks wad busting gut helping others move in and tiling other people’s houses because he’s good like that, I’ve been catching up with friends, drinking cider and tucking into ice-cream.

The guilt kicked in that I have in fact, done sweet F A for a good month or so now and sh*ts gotta change.

I’ve been eating well and suppose while I’ve cut down on the carbs and noticing I’ve lost a bit of weight, figured the workouts can take a backseat for a while. Wrong. So I ran.

Ok so maybe I didn’t “run” perse,  but I did jog, walk, jog, walk…walk…walk. It was hard! It’s been a while. Gone are the days of a solid 20 minute jog round the village, for now anyway.


It’s been an interesting few days. What was supposed to be a long weekend up in bonnie Scotland, ended up being a night on the Isle of Arran before coming back to reality to take care of business. Which also, didn’t go to plan.

That said, we managed a round of golf (I’d like to say I walked around for 18 holes lugging a heavy golf bag – but driving the buggy is so much more fun), and surprised myself at my new found skill of ‘chipping’. I’m pretty sure Mr Snacks was completely faking the sounds of proud delight, and instead was seething at my pretty accurate skills.

We finished with a mini walk along the coastline before packing up and making the 8hr journey back. And yes, that means 8 hours of snacking. There AND back… and during our time there… and, as compensation for an early return, the face feeding has continued since.

It’s ok, I’m not worried about it, I’ll be back on track tomorrow. Instead, I have been exercising my brain, growing my beauty team for my biz (scuse the plug).

So on that note, I’m now going to go and open the fridge. I guess I’ll just stand there and see what it has to offer me. Dinners in an hour, but I’m hungry now. Girls gotta eat!

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Day: I exercised my brain for a change



The best way to start the week! A cup of this on a Sunday night promises you a head start on Monday morning!!!

Not to get graphic BUT it says so on the box…

Prepare to spring clean…

True story. Filled with aniseed, fennel and cardamon; this herbal tea is the perfect brew to keep the “stodge” (sorry I didn’t know how else to put it) at bay.

You can take my word for it – again, sorry for the visual.

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Day: Keep it clean u Pukka!


This weekend has been a BAD weekend for puddings. You’ve heard all about my banoffee predicament, but it doesn’t stop there.

Despite making it to the gym this morning – a guilty reaction to a very yummy curry I had last night – and after hoovering up half of my own tray of the banana delight, I decided to do the charitable thing and donate the remainder of the sweet treat to Sister Snacks’ – she’d just got back from a Hen Weekend, and after a couple of days away from my three nephs, figured she’d need it!  For me, it was a case of

Out of sight, out of mind

Yeah. You’d think so wouldn’t you. Well, wrong. I’ve just got back from dinner at Mumma D’s and what does she pull out for dessert…??? Yes it was banoffee. Yes I had a slab. And yes, I enjoyed every mouthful of it! Realising that this weekend was a write off, I then followed on with a portion of profiteroles, AND strawberry’s and cream.

I think a workout is in order again tomorrow. A workout and back to cutting down the carbs… I’ll accept this weekend as a momentary relapse.




Day: Can you O.D on pud?


Made a tray of banoffee last night for a BBQ that, because of this god awful weather, is no longer happening.

Now I am living in a dieters nightmare (or dream depending on how you look at it), which means the luscious layers of chocolate hobnob biscuit, caramel, banana, cream and raspberry tops, are up for grabs.

I can see it now. Curled up on the sofa, blanket tucked around my legs, surrounded by pillows, with a half eaten tray of banoffee by my side, cream and crumbs falling from my mush, the odd spot of caramel that somehow found its way into strands of my hair… Mr Snacks walks in, disgusted with the scene, while I sit there looking pretty please with myself.

I’m not even sorry!!

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Day: I found myself in a banoffee predicament


Worst. Feeling. Ever…when you make dinner (in my case a beef and vegetable stir fry – no carbs tonight) and didn’t enjoy it. At all.
Now for the rest of the evening I’m going to feel like…


Made worse by the fact I was looking forward to a Pizza Express tonight until it became apparent I was a week early on the excitement!!!

Now I need to find something scrummy (but annoyingly still healthy while I’m on a weight loss roll) to make up for it…

[Looks in fridge]

Mmm. Grapes. *Insert facial expression above*


Day: You had dinner and didn’t enjoy it



A successful morning I’d say, when I weighed myself and realised I’d lost a lb! Now weighing in at 9st 5lbs (.8oz), I decided I should celebrate with a colour co-ordinated breakfast in bed – I’ve not been 9st 5lbs in a long time! And I know it’s only a temporary success… don’t worry, I’m not deluded.

I had carrot cake today – also to celebrate the loss of that pound.

My exercise of choice, was dancing around the lounge with my nephews. I think I broke a sweat bead.

And then since I found myself tucking into mouthfuls of their dinner to try and entice them to eat the pasta of deliciousness, figured I didn’t need a proper dinner myself. So had another smoothie.

Might sound lame, but I’m now sat here being able to justify the array of snacks I have before me. Oh and a vodka and (slimline) tonic. Who’s laughing now… Mmm pick n mix and popcorn.

Some call it a cheat day. I call it a day of celebrating 6 days of survival!

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Day: I colour co-ordinated my breakfast in bed