Day: I worked out on a hangover!


It’s true, I did. I’ve just got back!
After partying the night away with some very old friends, celebrating the legal coupling of two VIPs, I’ve actually managed to get my heavy ass (and banging head) out of bed and to the gym. The actual gym.
Not only have I not visited that place in months, but I have a renewed level of motivation since being back from holiday.
Ok so it might have made me feel a bit sick. Ok a lot sick. But that’s ok right?! The point is, I was nearly sick at the gym! The place where bodies are transformed! Everyone loses fluids there… just maybe in different, more normal ways. I’m ok with that. It’s the effort that counts here.

Don’t worry, I’m not deluded – you haven’t completely lost me. I’m aware that in about two or three posts time (if that), I’ll be posting pictures of desserts I’ve consumed, with a momentary feeling of regret, before realising the joys of each mouthful are completely worth the guilt! Hang on… its Sunday tomorrow, we all know what that means! Mumma D’s Sunday roast and pudding fest!

Ok, so maybe the next post…