Day: I survived a week on salads for dinner


I’ve been determined to stick to something this week, and that’s been not to snack between meals and to only eat salad or dinners less that 400cals… success.
Gym’d yesterday after weighing in at 9st 6lbs(.8oz) – now, hear me out,  I’m well aware that’s almost 9st 7lbs, but while the main weight is 9st 6lbs, to me that .8oz is ‘moo’, it’s completely irrelevent.

The .8oz only becomes a useful to me when my weight decides to creep up to 9st 7lbs, because it won’t be that I’ve put a pound of weight on. It’ll be that I’ve put on .2oz, that’s nothing right!? Swings n’ roundabouts and silver linings!



Day: Sunday


I hope everyone is having a chilled Bank Holiday… I certainly am! Altho I blame Sister Snacks for a momentary relapse on the healthy eating today. I know I shouldn’t blame anyone else when I fall off the wagon, but she made me eat sweets. And chocolate. And shortbread biscuits. Yes. Made me. Physically forced them down my throat like it was the last supper.

So I might have found the biscuits myself and asked her to pass me the sweets. But she was an accessory to the crime and did as I asked! She never listens to me normally!!!! SHE NEVER DOES AS I ASK!

I’m hoping my fresh mint tea will help digest the cr*p quicker… meaning less time to turn into fat! Is that how it works?? Help me Pepper!


Day: Pepper was born!

Today’s been a GREAT day!

After losing 4lbs after my return from holiday already (admittedly, I have had the ‘bug’ so have probably lost water (and the rest of my insides) more than anything – still, to see the scales drop 4lbs regardless of being laid up in bed is the greatest sense of achievement I’ve had for a while! Who doesn’t love getting a bug that results in weight loss!) – have decided to try and keep the motivation up!

I’ve decided to eat less carbs, or at least better carbs when the fancy takes me. Today I’ve hit the gym before making a healthy protein banana and peanut butter smoothie with almond milk and meeting two friends for lunch at Pizza Express. I thought I’d go for the healthy ‘Leggera’ pizza option (a pizza with a hole in the middle filled with salad), but instead opted for a roasted vegetable salad with chicken. The real success story here is that I didn’t even touch the garlic bread strips that accompanied the salad… I love those flippin’ bread strips!

The best part of this, is that when I got home, it appeared that Mumma D had made a visit and delivered me a fresh mint plant! I’ve name her Pepper! She will live in my garden and I will pick her daily!

But my first taste of Pepper won’t be a mint tea (ok it might be, in a minute), but imagine this – vodka, slimline tonic and fresh mint leaves!!!! YES! That’s what I’ll be treating myself to later this evening! Happy Bank Holiday!

Day: I worked out on a hangover!


It’s true, I did. I’ve just got back!
After partying the night away with some very old friends, celebrating the legal coupling of two VIPs, I’ve actually managed to get my heavy ass (and banging head) out of bed and to the gym. The actual gym.
Not only have I not visited that place in months, but I have a renewed level of motivation since being back from holiday.
Ok so it might have made me feel a bit sick. Ok a lot sick. But that’s ok right?! The point is, I was nearly sick at the gym! The place where bodies are transformed! Everyone loses fluids there… just maybe in different, more normal ways. I’m ok with that. It’s the effort that counts here.

Don’t worry, I’m not deluded – you haven’t completely lost me. I’m aware that in about two or three posts time (if that), I’ll be posting pictures of desserts I’ve consumed, with a momentary feeling of regret, before realising the joys of each mouthful are completely worth the guilt! Hang on… its Sunday tomorrow, we all know what that means! Mumma D’s Sunday roast and pudding fest!

Ok, so maybe the next post…

Day: …We returned

We’re back! We don’t want to be back, but we are…

The break was a much needed week of sun, sea, sand, sleep and Singapore Slings…

The diet didn’t lapse too much either! Whereas it’s usually normal to graze on crisps and ice-cream all day long in between breakfast, lunch and dinner… this time we’d start every morning with a fruit platter, followed by a fruit smoothie lunch if anything, and a dinner. Of course we did enjoy the odd icecream and snack, and not forgetting cocktails – but in comparison to our usual habit, it was minimal!

Reading this back, it sounds lame, but the plan was to relax. Not spend our days binging and being hungover. It was a darn perfect holiday for switching off and forgetting about life for seven days! In fact, I’ve come back feeling super motivated to keep the fresh eating up!

One thing I know it’s made me want to do is buy a fresh mint leaf plant! I literally had fresh mint in everything; tea, smoothies, cocktails, soft drinks… It’s just so refreshing, especially for these summer months coming up. Plus, mint helps reduce the bloat and helps digestion – meaning I’ve come back without a food baby in tow. My hard (ish) work before the holiday seems to have stuck with me, despite the extra 2lbs I’ve put on in weight. I’m now 9st 10lbs…

Day: …has come!


The day is finally here! And I am enjoying my last health conscious lunch… before I spend my days grazing on crisps and ice cream and sipping on extortionately priced cocktails! Happy holidays y’all! I’ll write you when I’m back and ready for a detox!

Turkey tikka
Green olives
Spring onions
Italian style lettuce and dressing