Day: Easter!


Today is Easter day. The day it’s acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve been pretty good with the snacking lately… I didn’t even have a single treat last night. A Saturday night and not one piece of chocolate, sweet or savoury goody passed my mouth!

I had the house to myself, so kicked back with a glass of wine – I know that’s still technically a treat, but it’s in liquid form (the worst form of hidden calories some might say), but if I don’t need to chew it, it will digest easier right. Less time in the body surely – anyway, I kicked back with that and Pretty Woman on the box before going to bed. Success surely!?

I might try and go for a run in the morning. That’s taken a back seat again while work has been insanely busy, and my back has been recovering from last weeks seizing! But with almost a month till the big getaway, I really need to get my focus back on track.

Anyhoo about that chocolate… I’m pretty sure Mr Snacks bought a box of my favourite Lindor…