Day: I realised I’m a really emotional character


Woke up for a run. Didn’t go for a run.

Got to work. Boss bought takeaway pizza for lunch.

Ate it.

Enjoyed it.

Felt guilty.

Went home. Went for a run. Did an abs workout. Ate a salad and made a smoothie.

…Proof that u don’t have to write off a day just because it starts badly.


Day: I had no time for lunch…

Working all day, beautifying brides to be, means running from one appointment to another. I’m not great without food in my belly and somehow managed to leave no time for breakfast in my quest to arrive on time to appointment number one.

I have to dash to appointment number two now and have no time for lunch. *Insert p*ssed off face*.

If I know what’s good for me (or my client) and want any chance of seeing this booking through, I figured I’d better put something in that belly of mine. Before I get cranky. And someone gets a makeup brush poked in their eye.

So I got these…


…and made this….


And yes. I’m still hungry.

Day: Three weeks to go…


Three weeks today until our much needed holiday!!! I went for a run this morning, and seem to be finding it really difficult the past couple of times I’ve been.

Where I usually run solidly round my route – I’ve now been stop starting a little more. Silver lining? Interval training is meant to be great for fat burning! Walk a minute or two… run for 5… Win!

Day: I ran through the pain…


This morning was a goooooood morning to go for a run! It was absolutely beautiful out there. Perfect for clearing the head before a busy day.
It was harder than normal since my legs are heavy and aching still from the weekends workout,  but I troopered on.

3 weeks tomorrow till our holiday in the sun!!!

Day: I got it wrong


Um. So I may have been Billy Big B*ll*cks on Saturday when I said “I’m a pretty big deal” when I worked out. Not just worked out, but lifted and squatted some serious weights.

Thing is, I suppose Billy wouldn’t struggle to move in bed let alone get out of it. I bet Billy wouldn’t struggle to lower himself onto the toilet seat would he… I bet Billy wouldn’t struggle to GET HIMSELF OFF IT! 

No. Billy wouldn’t.