Day: Let me set the scene…


It’s a Saturday night. Your watching catchup TV. Surrounded by snacks and a couple of bottled of ciders.

Me: How long till our holiday?
Mr Snacks: 5 and a half weeks…
Me: Awesome.
[Michelle Keegan appears on screen – Alan Carrs ‘Chatty Man’]
Me: She’s so beautiful… her body is amazing. She’s my inspiration. *Feeds face with popcorn*. I know I’ll never be as slim as that, my body just doesn’t have that ‘slender’ frame… *Another handful of popcorn followed by a swig of cider*…If I can work towards being as toned as that, I’ll be happy.  *Rummages in the pick n mix*.
Mr Snacks: Sure
Me: I bet she doesn’t sit here like Waynetta Slob feeding her face huh. Hmm… *Spies the Twirl Bites haven’t been opened. Opens them*… I guess I should lay off the snacks eh. Meh, too late now. *Shovels half a packet of Twirl Bites mouth*. I’ll start Monday.

So that was my Saturday. How was yours?