Day: Chilli became my staple


Ok so I may have skipped my run this morning,  but I did get to work feeling super determined and motivated to have a good day, getting sh*t done.

I’d even planned to go to Costa with my buddy to treat ourselves to not just a lunch, but a hot chocolate with the works!

Yeh that didn’t happen. Work took over which left no more time in the day to get out, so said buddy did a lovely thing and bought the hot chocolate to me… not just your average hot choc tho!

Get this for a hot drink treat… a chilli hot chocolate with whipped cream and full sized marshmallows! FULL SIZED! I may not have had breakfast. I may not have had lunch. But if there’s one way to get through the day, it’s with that, right there! Mmm

Dinner was a simple gluten free pasta with chilli tuna (I’ve just realised my chilli themed day), finished with a bag of Malteasers. Welllll, I figured the lack of ‘proper meals’ today justified a scoffing of the moreish little balls of fabulousness. Judge me all you like. I’ll run it off in the morning ok!