Day: With the mother…

Yes its mothers day. And jeez, don’t we know it! Every feed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is a gushing about their mum being the best woman in the world. Sure she is. Tell her that. No offense intended but I’m sure she’d love to hear it from your own mouth as opposed to stumbling across it on these social networks. 

Needless to say I treated my madre for cream tea today (after already having crumpets for brekkie)… and the guilt has already kicked in, because in about 10 minutes I’ll be heading to Mumma D’s for our Sunday roast, which will inevitably mean lots of pud. I know I could say no – or only sample one option – but I was brought up to be polite. Time and effort has gone into these gooey treats.

So, to justify my actions today, I’ve already prepped breakfast to kick start my week on the right foot. I’ll get back into my running too as soon as this cold subsides!