Day: I fell out with the scales


I weighed myself this morning… This has to be proof; through January and February, I managed to maintain a weight of 9st 7lbs (I even lost a 1lb since working out over the back end of last year).

NOW, however, I am 9st. 10lbs!!! Even after running and doing my weights workouts!!! I mean, I can see that I’m slowly ‘trimming’ up when I look back on my picture diary, but 3lbs on muscle weight!? Really? Who knows, but it’s times like this I remember why me and the scales don’t get on.

If I wasn’t eating well and working out, I know I’d be freaking out right now – but I am. So a little weight gain isn’t going to push me off track. I know what that little sh*t of a scale is trying to do. Well it’s not going to win, let me tell you! You manipulative piece of machinery. Who’s laughing now! 9st 10lbs indeed… *Insert some serious eye-rolling here*