Day: I did it…


I finally did it.  I got up. I put my gear on. And I ran. In fact, I shaved off a couple of minutes on my time… I only stopped to walk once! Feeling very proud right now. Aching. But proud.

….10hrs later….

Home from work, and absolutely no need to work out tonight!!!  This is a GOOD feeling! My muscles are hurting a lot, maybe a rest day tomorrow (don’t forget I ran and worked out yesterday too, I’m not being a flake already) and then run again on Wednesday. I can do this. I’m feeling good right now. Come join me up here!!!

…So I might be getting a little carried away with the motivational talk and giving it the “big I am” – I’m just embracing these moments. They are fleeting after all. It’ll probably pass in approximately 17 minutes. So just let it go, yeah! Jeez. Don’t go getting all judgemental on me. Just because you’re being lazy sh*ts in bed while I’m pounding the streets…