Day: I put my trainers on and ran…

…Ok,  I didn’t quite run – sorry, slight exaggeration. It was my first road run in a long time, so it was a little start stop. In fact I’m pretty sure I could taste blood from my lungs and looked like a bag of shit on the way round. I’m also pretty sure I could be heard cursing because of the frustration of running into the wind. I might have safely secured myself the title of the village weirdo.

But, onwards and upwards, a 20 minute route around the village was a great start to my day. And who wouldn’t want to run in this beautiful sun! I think its safe to say Spring has sprung… (I’m a poet)


I finished up with more weighted squats (despite not being able to sit on the toilet with ease the last couple of days and walking like I’ve shat myself – I know you’ve all been there ladies), lunges, arm curls and sit-ups.  I figured that was enough considering its technically the day of rest. And if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll appreciate I’ve spent a lot of my time doing sweet naff all apart from eating cake and drinking wine. So this is definitely a step in the right direction.

PLUS I’m hoping a holiday is on the cards this year… I don’t want a last minute panic to find suck-in swimwear! So you can see how I’m turning a corner here, right?! Come join me!