Day: Feeling motivated…


I saw this, and thought, yep. Agreed. So will be practising this mantra… As much as I felt like I was going to collapse and die after my “run” this morning I’ve now made a decision. Right now I feel like a I have fitness bi-polar. I’m either all in… or I’m completely checked out. Time to find a good balance.

I’m sure most of you will agree that by the time you finish a day at work, the last thing you want to do is trek across town, sitting in traffic, to get to the gym. Especially if it’s not round the corner. For me, by the time I get home from said gym, freshened up, made and eaten my dinner (which ends up being way later than I’d like), I then find myself plodding straight up to bed. Evening gone.

So. Now, I’m not going back entirely on my word of those that workout in the mornings – ok I kind of am, but for a good reason. I’m not talking about getting up at the crack of dawn for the sake of a workout, BUT… considering a lap of the village is a simple 20mins, I’ve decided I can get up in the morning to complete this route before work. It means I can get up at a reasonable hour still (without having to account for driving across town and getting ready for work at the gym – not ideal), and that way when I’m done at work I’m done. If I fancy a 15min weights sesh at home, I can do that without my evening passing me by. It’s a win win surely…

I’m not promising this will last. I’m not saying I’m  going to be getting up every morning, but I will certainly give it a good go to at least run 3 times a week. Whether before, or after work (what with the evenings getting gradually lighter). It just seems like an easier option than the dread of the drive and routine of going to the gym which sometimes seems like such an effort.

So there you have it. I’ve had a moment of motivation, so figured I’d write it up before the moment passes. I tend to work like that. So, if you don’t hear from me tomorrow… you’ll know the moment didn’t last. I guess we’ll see eh!