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It’s a Saturday night. Your watching catchup TV. Surrounded by snacks and a couple of bottled of ciders.

Me: How long till our holiday?
Mr Snacks: 5 and a half weeks…
Me: Awesome.
[Michelle Keegan appears on screen – Alan Carrs ‘Chatty Man’]
Me: She’s so beautiful… her body is amazing. She’s my inspiration. *Feeds face with popcorn*. I know I’ll never be as slim as that, my body just doesn’t have that ‘slender’ frame… *Another handful of popcorn followed by a swig of cider*…If I can work towards being as toned as that, I’ll be happy.  *Rummages in the pick n mix*.
Mr Snacks: Sure
Me: I bet she doesn’t sit here like Waynetta Slob feeding her face huh. Hmm… *Spies the Twirl Bites haven’t been opened. Opens them*… I guess I should lay off the snacks eh. Meh, too late now. *Shovels half a packet of Twirl Bites mouth*. I’ll start Monday.

So that was my Saturday. How was yours?


Day: Let me set the scene…



Have ever had those mornings where at approximately 9.03am you have no choice but to give in to your colleagues home-made cookies with your cuppa.

If you can see the kind of day you’re going to have, and there’s a chance that a cookie might be your only meal for the next 8 hours … you can’t afford to take the risk on passing it up right? Wrong… Wrong wrong wrong. I should have said no. I should have politely declined and opted for some porridge or fruit instead. But when said colleague sits next to you, wafting the just baked scent of dough in your face, what’s a girl to do? Girls gotta eat!

That said, I have failed on my quest to get back into the morning runs (didn’t last very long did it!). But I will… The madness and pace at work has left me crashing by the time I get home and needing every minute in bed before the early starts. I need to get my mojo back!

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Day: Breakfast became the most important meal



Ok so I may have skipped my run this morning,  but I did get to work feeling super determined and motivated to have a good day, getting sh*t done.

I’d even planned to go to Costa with my buddy to treat ourselves to not just a lunch, but a hot chocolate with the works!

Yeh that didn’t happen. Work took over which left no more time in the day to get out, so said buddy did a lovely thing and bought the hot chocolate to me… not just your average hot choc tho!

Get this for a hot drink treat… a chilli hot chocolate with whipped cream and full sized marshmallows! FULL SIZED! I may not have had breakfast. I may not have had lunch. But if there’s one way to get through the day, it’s with that, right there! Mmm

Dinner was a simple gluten free pasta with chilli tuna (I’ve just realised my chilli themed day), finished with a bag of Malteasers. Welllll, I figured the lack of ‘proper meals’ today justified a scoffing of the moreish little balls of fabulousness. Judge me all you like. I’ll run it off in the morning ok!

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Day: Chilli became my staple

Still waiting for that addiction to grab hold of me...

Still waiting for that addiction to grab hold of me…

If you’re like me, you’ll find it easier to get motivated when you have a target to work towards. ‘The Summer’ is just too generalised for me. I need key dates. I need an occasion. I’m talking about a holiday here.

So we booked one. Dubai, if you must know for those nosey sorts out there. May. May is my target.

I have exactly 6 weeks and 2 days to get this average effort of a body into a super fit state. I’m talking regular runs, lots of lifting weights, squats, lunges and all the ab-work I can possible manage. I’m not good with long boring workouts, so quick bite size bursts of exercise is the only way I’m going to get through this. 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there. It’s all better than if I did nothing.

That said, we all know that muscles won’t show themselves without a good diet behind it. I can do all the sit-ups I like, but if I’m tucking into cake every day, then how the hell do I expect to see results. So (and I  can’t believe I’m actually going to try and commit to this) but – now, it’s Sunday and I’m hungover – starting tomorrow, I am going to quit cake. That include the healthy carrot variety. You heard me!


So to keep me going, I will get back to perving over the fitness models I search out on Pinterest – telling myself that one day, I WILL achieve the dream!

Belly envy!

Belly envy!


Day: I set my next target


Yes its mothers day. And jeez, don’t we know it! Every feed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is a gushing about their mum being the best woman in the world. Sure she is. Tell her that. No offense intended but I’m sure she’d love to hear it from your own mouth as opposed to stumbling across it on these social networks. 

Needless to say I treated my madre for cream tea today (after already having crumpets for brekkie)… and the guilt has already kicked in, because in about 10 minutes I’ll be heading to Mumma D’s for our Sunday roast, which will inevitably mean lots of pud. I know I could say no – or only sample one option – but I was brought up to be polite. Time and effort has gone into these gooey treats.

So, to justify my actions today, I’ve already prepped breakfast to kick start my week on the right foot. I’ll get back into my running too as soon as this cold subsides!



Day: With the mother…




Day: I rest my case!

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Day: Friday (13th) – it’s just worth mentioning

Friday…Aside from my temptation to rock up to work like that… I’ve had a cold and so haven’t been for a run for the last couple of days because I want to clear it up instead of make it worse.

My plan? Well, I’ll be doing Friday lunch with my team, followed by Friday dinner with my friends tonight… I might even burn the germs out with a glass of wine too. I’ve heard this works. Mainly from when I’ve done it before *Insert ‘What!?’ innocent face*

The workout can wait till the morning – right now I’m celebrating the end of the week, and we all know how I turn my back on health and fitness when I’m celebrating an occasion. Come join me!