Day: Where I sang to my client :|

Well today’s been an interesting one. Up at 5.45am to get to a client meeting, to learn that I could have had an extra hour in bed as I was told the wrong time. Ok, I can forgive that.

However, what I can’t seem to believe when I look back, is that due to my tiredness, I became somewhat delirious towards the end of the meeting, where I found myself singing ‘Call Me’ to the client as it turns out he is THAT young he had no idea who Blondie was – it was desperate chance to try and prove that surely everyone knows who Debbie Harry is because I’M NOT OLD!

Oh it doesn’t stop there, I then went on to do my (what I like to think) amazing impression of a Northern accent when demonstrating some of the calls I’ve had to handle from their network. I just needed to explain the queries (in my normal voice). But no, I had to impersonate the callers.

THEN. Now wait for it.

I DID A WORKOUT! It lasted approximately 15mins. I managed 18 weighted squats because I want that ass- to which I now believe I have pulled a muscle. So I poured a glass of wine. I then drank the wine.


Oh, and some people might not be aware yet, but I have a bodge job haircut too. What was explained as wanting a good chop to BELOW MY SHOULDERS has somehow become a proper 12 year old/old mum of 4/matron bob. So please, when you see me. Just say nothing. Ta.