Day: Cake Day @ the Office


This is how my day went:

Breakfast: A big white chocolate bakery cookie

Mid-Morning Snack: A Brownie

Lunch: A chocolate Fairy Cake (remember Fairy Cakes!?)

Mid-Afternoon Snack: A Peppermint tea… with a couple of packets of Parma Violets, oh and a lolly!

Yep, today was my last day in the office before my birthday day off! I am now sitting here with a glass of red and a box of Strawberries & Cream Lindor. And yes, I have indigestion.

I’ve officially lost control.

I know I know, I can see what I eat, my head says no, my hands grab and shove, my mouth chews and my throat swallows. I might even make the odd ‘Mmm’ sound. But that doesn’t mean it’s right kids. Do not try this at home. I hate myself (…well, now it’s over I do). 

Oh hello downward spiral…