Day: The day of rest… and carb eating!


Yes, I went to the gym yesterday morning. No, I didn’t go today. Yes, I had a more filling lunch today than anticipated and oh yes, I will be having big bowl of pasta for dinner, with fresh bread for dipping in the sauce – because it’s not carbie enough without it. The best part about all of this… I don’t even care. Not today. In fact, come to think of it, not any Sunday.

We usually find ourselves tucking into Mumma D’s roast at the end of the week. On top of that, she’s a bit of an expert baker, so puddings come in the form of 3 options, of which, I figured since she puts the hours in, it would be rude not to have a portion of each, right?! Judge all you want. I’m not even ashamed! 

Happy Sunday troopers!