Day: …oh who even knows anymore!?


You may (or may not) have noticed I’ve been a little quiet of late. Without boring you, work took over my life a little.

This means I’ve literally done nothing but work, sleep, work, sleep, eat carbs, drink coffee, work a bit more, eat more carbs, guzzle a bottle of red, snack on cake, drink more coffee and work a bit more… I’ve literally turned my back on the gym or any thought of lifting a weight.

In fact, the closest I’ve come to a squat is when I’ve dropped the pen on the floor that I was balancing on my laptop which was also piled high with files and papers on the way to a meeting, to pick it up.

But no more. Things have gotten bloated and soft. Urgh, soft. I need to put a stop to it. Diet needs to improve… I’d like to say that I’ll slow down on the alcohol, BUT February is a celebratory month for me. What with my birthday, Valentines day AND PANCAKE DAY! What’s not to love about the month of February eh.

So with that in mind, the days I’m NOT celebrating are the days I will be good. Here’s to clambering back on the wagon, cheers! *Insert Clinking Wine Glasses*