I’ve only just managed to sit down after a pretty busy day… I started off with a reasonably healthy smoothie, although tasted more like a good morning treat:

Almond Milk
Spoon of Cocoa
2 x Bananas
Spoon of Organic Peanut Butter

Followed by a power workout called the ‘House Clean’. It’s mainly just a repeat action of duster swishes, hoover pushes and mop swirls. Needless to say my thighs are absolutely killing me from my squat (singular) the other day. It’s a great feeling isn’t it when you hurt from an insane workout like that!?

I’d then like to share some exciting news with you all; I went to get my eyes checked today as I’m in need of some new goggles – in which it turns out my right eye has gotten worse. That’s not the good news, the good news is… I do NOT have a clinical WANG EYE. If you know me, I hope you now feel robbed of p*ss-taking rights.


Then a visit to the Madre, in which it’s only polite to take treats after she’s been poorly – yep, cake. So yes, cake ended up being my lunch.

The rest of the evening can be written off since it’s Saturday night. The usual routine for me and Mr Snacks – involving dinner, treats, tv and wine. BEST.

I plan to workout when I get up tomorrow morning. I might even go for a run. We’ll see…

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Day: The Wang isn’t an official diagnosis…


Well today’s been an interesting one. Up at 5.45am to get to a client meeting, to learn that I could have had an extra hour in bed as I was told the wrong time. Ok, I can forgive that.

However, what I can’t seem to believe when I look back, is that due to my tiredness, I became somewhat delirious towards the end of the meeting, where I found myself singing ‘Call Me’ to the client as it turns out he is THAT young he had no idea who Blondie was – it was desperate chance to try and prove that surely everyone knows who Debbie Harry is because I’M NOT OLD!

Oh it doesn’t stop there, I then went on to do my (what I like to think) amazing impression of a Northern accent when demonstrating some of the calls I’ve had to handle from their network. I just needed to explain the queries (in my normal voice). But no, I had to impersonate the callers.

THEN. Now wait for it.

I DID A WORKOUT! It lasted approximately 15mins. I managed 18 weighted squats because I want that ass- to which I now believe I have pulled a muscle. So I poured a glass of wine. I then drank the wine.


Oh, and some people might not be aware yet, but I have a bodge job haircut too. What was explained as wanting a good chop to BELOW MY SHOULDERS has somehow become a proper 12 year old/old mum of 4/matron bob. So please, when you see me. Just say nothing. Ta.



Day: Where I sang to my client :|


Day: The day I didn’t cave – until approx 8.30pm


After a month of feeding my face on multiple birthday cakes, chocolate, wine and cocktails, I figured it was about time I had a few ‘good’ days. So, today’s meals have been:

  • Breakfast Smoothie
  • Chicken Salad
  • Fruit Salad
  • Jacket Potato with tuna and  a sprinkle of cheese (no butter)
  • Lots of water and green teas…

On top of that, I had all intentions of going to the gym after work too, BUT since I’ve managed to get away relatively early compared to the late nights I’ve been putting in recently, I decided I wanted to get home and stay home rather than cut into my night any more. It was a treat to myself. You understand right?!

Instead, I decided to visit the Madre, taking one of my many boxes of chocolates around that I got for my birthday… sharing is caring. I wanted to cheer her up. I wasn’t going to have any. I wasn’t.

But ok I did. Soz. I can’t lie to you! What would be the point!?

The end.



This is how my day went:

Breakfast: A big white chocolate bakery cookie

Mid-Morning Snack: A Brownie

Lunch: A chocolate Fairy Cake (remember Fairy Cakes!?)

Mid-Afternoon Snack: A Peppermint tea… with a couple of packets of Parma Violets, oh and a lolly!

Yep, today was my last day in the office before my birthday day off! I am now sitting here with a glass of red and a box of Strawberries & Cream Lindor. And yes, I have indigestion.

I’ve officially lost control.

I know I know, I can see what I eat, my head says no, my hands grab and shove, my mouth chews and my throat swallows. I might even make the odd ‘Mmm’ sound. But that doesn’t mean it’s right kids. Do not try this at home. I hate myself (…well, now it’s over I do). 

Oh hello downward spiral…


Day: Cake Day @ the Office



Today was day one. I quit coffee just before my wedding to help clear up my skin… that was about 3 years ago now. Before that I literally drank it morning day and night. I was practically brought up on the stuff. However, I relapsed didn’t I. I got stressed at work and I relapsed.

What a waster!

But enough is enough. I must learn some self control. So day one… DONE.  I had moments of wanting to throw chairs at peoples faces, but I didn’t. So everyone’s a winner!

Oh, and for lunch I had salad. It’s been a good day.


Day: …without coffee!