Day Twenty: Does anyone else find this offensive?


Ok, so I may be having  a very very rare lazy Saturday morning in bed (I had every intention of going to the gym but my brain and body are frazzled), and so instead find myself scrolling through the Daily Mail to see this article.

Now despite Mr Snacks telling me I’m not really helping my case with my matted bed hair right now, but correct me if I’m mistaken… I’m pretty sure (from the last time I looked in a mirror) that just because us ‘normal folk’ aren’t famous, doesn’t mean we all look like crack filled homeless drunks! I just don’t understand how this article is ok to publish.

It’s implying that just because we don’t fill out face with chemicals, have the best personal trainers, nutritionists and cling on “friends” that make us look painted and preened everyday, that we are incapable of looking after our appearance. F*ck you Daily Mail… us normal members of society have a LOT more natural beauty going for us than these plastic w*@$kers.

Now, I must get in the shower. I stink.