Day Fifteen: Monday. Complete.

Phew. Well that was quite a day. LOTS going on at work that will positively kill my brain cells – and with the few I have that’s a worrying thought. I had all intentions of hitting the gym, but getting home late and the need to ‘switch off’ has become a reason to pass on that plan – it’s the journey I hate! But since I needed to let off some steam I did manage a 25 minute workout at home. Just some weighted squats, situps, lunges and bits and pieces is better than a complete evening of nothingness eh.

Now, first ‘gut’ shot alert!!  Now if you know me, you’ll know the idea of posting these pictures mortify me (notice the lack of head), however, I’m here to help motivate (albeit in my own special kind of way), and considering this is a blog about my health and fitness, figured I needed to bite the bullet and prove I don’t just sit here writing about what I’m wanting to achieve, and do actually try and achieve it! You never know, if I post these pictures, I might actually find some discipline somewhere in my being to lay of the vegetable inspired cakes – namely, carrot. IMG_20150119_210900

Plus, after the weekend I’ve had (you all read it) I needed to put some goodness back inside my body. So with the plan to use up any left over veg from the last week, I literally shoved everything I had in a pot with some tomatoes, pulses, herbs and spices and voila, a tasty health infused dinner – with enough left overs for a couple of lunches! Complete win!