Day Thirteen: Bread, pasta and two cakes later…

Hmm, not entirely sure what happened today. I don’t have the excuse of being hungover. In fact, I have no excuse at all. Apart from maybe weighing myself this morning and learning there’s been no change. Better than those pounds going up! So yeh, that’s what happened. Today was ‘reward day’. I just figured it’s the weekend, time to relax. Maybe this is why I struggle to bring down those numbers on the scales.

I not only treated myself to a couple of bits of toast this morning (remember one of the things I was attempting to give up this month was bread. Yeah, about that… that’s not happened), I then insisted on tucking into my nephews sandwich! Now I’m depriving my nephews of their lunch! What is wrong with me!? They’re just babies, and there I am nabbing bites of their already tiny triangle sarnies when they’re not looking. I need help.

THEN I meet friends for lunch. But instead of lunch, I have dinner – spaghetti and meatballs. Not only that, but I finish with a slice of cake…. before visiting another friend who presents me with a slab of chocolate brownie (proud moment alert – I couldn’t finish it! Not through choice mind, I would have done if the feeling of revisiting my lunch wasn’t upon me), and by this point it’s only 5pm! So as you can see, today’s been a write off.

I figured I’d end the day with a smoothie, in front of the tele, snacking on these things… pitted (very dry) dates. Hmmm. On second thoughts, maybe, I’ll pass.