Day Nine: I NEED WINE [Coincidence that it rhymes?]

But I really do! I’ll keep this brief, I’ve had a long day at the office, my brain hurts and I need a large glass of the red stuff. I keep telling myself it’s an antioxidant and should be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet – so why not? But the problem has become the lack of ability I have to say ‘No’ than it has about laying off the wine as such. But…

WineON ANOTHER NOTE, I made my prawn stir-fry tonight without the coconut milk and instead with a lemon butter sauce and it was yum! (Just ignore the butter ingredient there, must have been a typo).

Also, I actually  hurt from my home workout last night. Success! I therefore grant myself a night off! Yes, again. What’s wrong with you people? I’m not a machine!