Day Eight: Mixin’ it up

Conversational snippet: Snack Support between friends… 


In my quest to get fit and healthy, I figured I can’t live on the same smoothies, juices and dinners every day. In all honesty, I’m a lazy dieter. The quicker my food is made, the quicker my belly is positively full and satisfied. Admittedly I do keep a couple of Weight Watcher microwave meals in my fridge for convenience if I’m busy  after work or get home late after a long day.

Ok FINE!! I’m not always busy and rarely get home late… but just that hungry that the thought of waiting to feed my face is incomprehensible . I get grumpy.

That said, I thought I’d try something new tonight. Stir Fry’s are a great way to load up on healthy veggies, meat and fish – quickly and easily. Winner! I’m not a lover of fish really; cod, salmon and tuna is usually as exotic as it gets. But decided to give prawns a go tonight. Never cooked them in my life. Brave.

So came up with this random concoction: brown rice, broccoli, prawns – in lemon grass paste, garlic and light coconut milk. This blog is all about honesty, so yeh, it was random alright. Don’t get me wrong, it was filling and edible – not horrible, but didn’t send me to heaven either. Just maybe, the coconut and lemon didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped. The point of the coconut was to give it a creamier consistency. I like creamy food, strawberries and cream, cream on puddings, creamy pasta… You can see where I’m going with this right.  But together with the lemon, it just tasted a bit more sour than I anticipated. Maybe tomorrow I’ll give the coconut milk a miss. :/