Day Seven: Fail.

Why? Why can’t I say no when the temptation for good times with good people is upon me!? In my head, I thought I’d try this “Dry January” lark. It wasn’t a strict rule I was following, but was certainly planning on cutting down the intake of happy drinks. But, we were invited out for cocktails. So we went for cocktails. And drank cocktails. That’s the first fail.

Then I woke up and fail number two happened. There are just two things that I promised I wouldn’t touch this month, at least while I’m getting back on track… bread and cheese. I ate a LOT of that through the Christmas break and figured they should be left out of the diet for a while, it’s so bad for you!

But yeh… today is a bread and cheese day. For sure.

Not to mention I quit coffee a couple of years ago and that seems to have found it’s way back on the scene too.

So as the old phrase goes, “My Diet Starts Monday”. Or in this case, re-starts.