Day Six: Bitesize Snacks

My day has started well, but who only know’s how it’s going to end… I’m hitting the cocktail bar tonight – must remember to choose ‘skinny’ cocktails! However, I did manage a trip to the gym this morning (not a New Year Resolutioner in sight) and had a berry smoothie for breakfast!

I’m off to visit my Bitesize Snacks this afternoon (the nephews). I say Bitesize Snacks because the thing is, I’ve come to realise my relationship and love for them is rather quite similar to those of my beloved food treats: Firstly, I look for them (playing hide a seek),  then when I find them, I gaze at them adoringly with a completely ‘in love’ glaze over my eyes (in a non-creepy way, they’re just so god damn cute) and finally, I eat them (I can’t help it, their cheeks are so edible). So you see, there’s no real difference here…

Me at the gym.


My fruit smoothie: Red Berrys, Banana, Apple and Almond Milk – I’m running out of ingredients. Must make a trip to Budgens soon!