Day Five: The weekend = Snacks

DogIt’s the weekend. And for me, after a week of being so good, I figured I can get away with relaxing a little. That’s not to say I’m going to fill my face. Nope. In fact, I might brave the gym in the morning… Just for an hour. I don’t want to completely undo what I’ve achieved so far. I’m not sure what exactly I’ve achieved, but if you know me, you’ll know that snacking between meals is a tough feat to overcome. And 5 days of using the word ‘no’ and turning a blind eye to those scoffing around me, is something to be proud of in my books!

I don’t want to completely deprive myself. I binge if I do that. So, if I can tell myself that the weekends are for relaxing (within reason), the hope is that I can feel less obsessed about tucking into anything and everything in sight just because it’s the weekend…

Preachy sh*t over, now I really want to make these!!!! OREO CUPCAKES!!!!