Day Four: Bad Mood Strikes

FunnyUrgh. Woke up in an awful mood today. Actually correction, I woke up fine, but slipped into somewhat of a foul mood when I got to work. Usually a treat would be my pick-me-up of choice, but I’m currently in the midst of determination, so opted for a coffee instead which sorted me right out… I think. By this point it was actually nearly time to go home. Yeh, that was it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but it’s day four without snacks… I’m clawing my way through the week and no disciplinary’s yet!

Still avoiding the gym, but did do a workout at home tonight. A full 13 minutes. What? I’m tired, it’s been a long day!

Plus beneath the soft (yet supple) pooch I can feel some serious abs coming along. They’re just hibernating, it’s like they’re scared to ‘show off’. Don’t blame em, I’m sure they’d embarrass a lot of people if they made themselves known. And if I recall correctly, the Mr prefers curves anyway… Yeh, that rings a bell.  I must remember that next time I deprive myself. He’d hate me to get completely racked. Well Mr Snacks, just for you I’ll be careful not to workout too much. Days off are key for that kind of figure you love. And probably tucking into a banoffee (still one of my five a day) on occasion will help maintain the shape a bit. No don’t, it’s ok… you’re welcome.