Day Two: I went to the gym. That is all.

gym-meme-grumpycatTonight I went to the gym. That was fun…  So with that, I’ve decided to stick to my home workouts for a week until the New Years Resolutioners give up. They’ll come to their senses soon enough.

I think my face said it all when I walked through the door. I literally sighed, before spying the one and ONLY machine that was free. The treadmill. Just looking at me. Urgh. I made a deal with myself, a simple 30 minutes on that is better than nothing. I wasn’t about to hang around for weights machines and I certainly wasn’t going to attempt to find a spot on the floor area, squeezing in between Mr Sweatbox and Miss Thang on her phone.

“Go in the mornings before work” people say to me. Pahahahahha. No.

Oh and I tried the Bootea Shake today for the first time… nice. Not amazing. But nice. Although I did notice the amount it frothed up! Not sure what that’s about, but it managed to curb my snack cravings until lunchtime at least! Success.