Day: Women can like eachother.

I’m recently back from a weekend in the sun. And not a family outing either. Nope, I have just returned from a weekend fuelled by champagne, sun and the realisation that you literally can’t go ANYWHERE without spying local yocals from home. True story.

But what really  baffled me this weekend, is that for two beautifully long sunny days, 12 women were thrown together for a super special occasion.

Now, these occasions, when aided by sun, bubbles and tiredness – can sometimes end in tears. Maybe not quite tears, but there’s every chance you leave the ‘do’ preferring the idea of eating glass, whilst looking directly at the sun, stood in a sea of Great Whites – than ever seeing these people again. It happens.  Continue reading

Before & After tricksters!

Like many of us, following fitness account on social media can be (or so you think), motivating. Inspirational even. I’m guilty of stalking the best of them – and will continue to do so!

Now before I go on, I just want to note that I am by no means, undoing any hard work that I know MANY of these women put into their daily regime where their health and fitness is concerned, as it very clearly shows in their unfiltered, perfectly toned, perfectly defined and perfectly lit photos, that they have in fact, worked their butts off for the temple they call a body. For these women out there, I salute you.  Continue reading

Day: We got down with the kids

Hmm. I’m not sure how to feel about last nights experience. So Mr Snacks and I enjoyed a hiptastic (even just saying that screams “SHE’S NOT HIP…WHO EVEN USES THAT WORD!!!”) evening at the place to be, London O2 Arena, to see the man of the night, Drake. Now he IS hip. Hip… Hop, in fact!!!! *Actually p*ssing myself*.  Continue reading

Day: Living the dream

You may (or may not – probably more likely) have noticed, that I’ve been a little absent. Well, my dear dear readers, let me tell you WHY!

Heard of the candle brand, CosyRoom Candles yet? Ya know, taking over the  candle world… bloody HUGE they are, I don’t know one person that doesn’t have a Cosy candle in their home! You don’t??? Well, you better get over to CosyRoom Candles to grab yours now – before they’re all gone! *Super sorry not sorry for the shameless plug just there*  Continue reading